General Questions

Why should I use the healow app?

The healow app provides a secure means to manage your health and wellness. The healow app simplifies your life by enabling you to:

  • Access multiple Patient Portal accounts from a single location
  • Personalize and manage your medications
  • Obtain lab results
  • Access your Personal Health Record
  • Control and view your past or upcoming appointments as well as the summaries of your past visits
  • Receive interactive health alerts and messages from your doctor

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download and use.

On which devices can I use the app?

The app can be used on any Apple® or Android® enabled device.

What does healow stand for?

healow is acronym for Health and Online Wellness.

If I link multiple accounts (spouse, child, etc.), am I authorized to access all of the health records?

healow offers an option enabling you to give yourself the authorization to access those patients’ health records.

Is my information secure when I view it using the app?

All data is SSL-secured with 128-bit encryption, and is compliant with all federal HIPAA regulations.

  Logging In

How do I log in for the first time?

Make sure that you have previously logged into your Patient Portal account. If you have never logged into your Patient Portal account, it is necessary to log in to your Patient Portal account before you can log into your healow app.

To log in for the first time:

  1. On the Welcome to healow screen, search to find your provider. You can search by practice, provider, or location by tapping the white field next to the magnifying glass and then typing the practice name, provider name, or location and then tapping Search:

  2. Once you have selected your provider, enter your Portal username and password:

  3. Read the consent form (Terms of Use Agreement), then tap the button saying I agree to the terms & conditions:

    Next, the app will prompt you to create and enter a PIN.

  4. Select a four-digit PIN, which will be used going forward to log in:

    After this initial login, the only step in logging in will be entering your PIN.

Can I use my Patient Portal login credentials to access the healow app?

Yes; you use your Portal login credentials and create a special four-digit PIN to access healow going forward.

I do not have a Patient Portal account; what should I do?

Check with your provider to see if the practice is a part of the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal network. If so, please ask for a username and password. The practice will ask you for an e-mail address to use for the Portal.

My provider is not listed when I search. What should I do?

Check with your practice to be sure they are a part of the eClinicalWorks network and use the Patient Portal.

I have different providers of care; can I use the same app login for all my providers of care?

Yes; once you’ve linked all your accounts, you will need to log in only once.

What should I do if I forget my PIN?

Log in to your Patient Portal and reset the PIN there. You can then use that PIN to access your account in the app.

Is there a consent form required to use the app?

Yes. You can begin using the app after you have first read the consent form, and then chosen I agree to the terms & conditions:

Can I use my Portal login credentials with the app?

Yes. Use your Portal login credentials for your initial login to healow. You will then create your own four-digit PIN, specific to your app and device, to log into the app in the future.

How do I log out?

To log out of the app:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon (the Gear):

  2. Tap the Logout button:

  3. Tap the Yes button when you are asked to confirm that you want to log out:

How can I change my PIN?

To change your PIN:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon (the Gear):

  2. Choose PIN Settings:

  3. Choose Change PIN to begin making the change:

  Linking Accounts

If I use the app with one office, can I use it with other offices; and, can my family use it with their offices?

Yes. From the Home screen, you can link accounts for any practices in which you have an eClinicalWorks-powered Patient Portal account.

How do I link two of my own Patient Portal accounts?

To link two Patient Portal accounts:

  1. From the Home screen, choose Link another Patient Portal account:

  2. Search for and select the Practice/Provider that you want:

  3. Log in using your Patient Portal credentials

  4. Accept ownership of the account by tapping I Accept OR Tap I Do Not Accept to stop linking the accounts:

  5. Read the terms of use, and tap I agree to the terms & conditions to accept them and continue:

  6. Select your Universal Health Passport by tapping I like this to accept the system-generated ID OR Tap Let me change it to create your own:

What is the Universal Health Passport ID?

The Universal Health Passport ID enables you to manage all your accounts, including those of your family members and loved ones, in one place. It is created upon your first successful linking of two accounts in the healow app.

How do I link a child, family member, or spouse’s account?

Follow the same steps used in linking two of your own patient accounts.

If I link my account with my spouse’s account, do we use the same PIN, or will each device have its own PIN?

The PIN is specific to each device, so there is no requirement to have the same PIN.

If I add a family member, will I be authorized to access his/her health information?

Yes, you can authorize yourself to access another individual’s health information by accepting the Account Ownership Alert. To do so, tap I Accept to authorize yourself:


How do I create a message?

To create a message:

  1. From the Home screen, choose the envelope icon to open the messaging feature:

  2. From the Messages window, tap the pencil icon to begin creating a new message:

  3. Tap one of the names in the list to select a recipient:

  4. Type the subject into the Subject line, and type your message in the message area, then tap the paper plane icon to send the message:

What is the pencil icon?

Tap the pencil icon when you want to create a new message:

What is the envelope icon?

Tap the envelope icon to see a list of all your messages:

I want to send a message to my specialist, but I see only my PCP when I tap the pencil icon.

New messages should be created from your Home screen. If you are working from the Menu Bar for a facility in your app, you may be filtering out your provider. From the Home screen you will be able to access all your providers.

Home Screen:

Menu Bar:

If you still do not see the provider to whom you want to send the message, it may be that the practice’s settings do not have messaging enabled for that provider. Your practice can tell you whether the specialist has messaging enabled.

I do not see a Reply option when my provider sends me a message. How do I reply?

You must compose a new message to reply.

How do I read a message?

To read a message:

  1. From the Home screen, choose the envelope icon to open the messaging feature:

  2. From the Messages screen, tap the message that you want to open:

    The message opens:


What is My Medication Cabinet?

My Medication Cabinet is a feature that enables you to view all the medications that you are taking, including both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs.

The medication list from your provider’s office will automatically be a part of your Medication Cabinet, and you have the ability to add medications to your Medication Cabinet.

This is a great place to enter vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs that you may not yet have told your provider you are taking. My Medication Cabinet also enables you to schedule your medications and get reminders.

Can I see only the medications my provider has prescribed?

No; you can add any medications that you may currently be taking, including over-the-counter medications.

How do I add a new medication to My Medication Cabinet?

To add a medication:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the pill icon:

  2. Next, tap the plus sign (+) and select Add New Medication:

  3. Enter the medication information. Fields with red asterisks (*) are mandatory.
  4. When the medication information is complete, tap Done:

If my provider prescribes any new medications, will they appear on the app?

New prescribed medications will in the app after your information has synced with the Patient Portal.

What is the difference between scheduled and unscheduled medications?

Scheduled medications are those for which you have set up a reminder for yourself to take the medication.

Unscheduled medications are those for which you have NOT set up a reminder.

Can my provider set up the medication schedule for me?

No; you have to schedule medications (reminders) yourself.

How do I schedule a medication reminder (alert)?

To schedule a reminder:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the pill icon to display your medications:

  2. Select the Unscheduled tab and select the medication:

  3. Tap the Time of Intake selection:

  4. Next, touch Repeat and select Daily or Weekly:

  5. Now touch Add New and select a time for the reminder; then tap Set Reminder:

    Your reminder is now scheduled. Your phone will alert you when it is time to take your medication.

I entered a new medication to My Medication Cabinet. Will my provider see this entry?

No. Your provider will not receive any additions or updates that you make to your Medication Cabinet list. If you want to share this information with your provider, you need to contact your provider. We encourage you to take your phone to your next visit, and show your provider the healow application on your phone. You can then easily share your Medication Cabinet List with your provider.

What is the plus sign (+)?

This icon enables you to either add a new medication to your Medication Cabinet or request a refill. Follow the screen prompts to add a medication or request a refill.

I don’t see any medications when I select I am taking.

Toggle between your Scheduled and Unscheduled tabs. Until you schedule them, all your medications will be listed under the Unscheduled tab. When you schedule a medication reminder, that medication will move from the Unscheduled tab to the Scheduled tab.

How do I delete a medication reminder?

On the Time of Intake window, swipe across the reminder to delete it.

Can I label a medication “over the counter” so I will not confuse it with a prescription?

To label a medication:

  1. Select a medication from your list of medications, and tap Please enter a nickname:

  2. Type “OTC” or “Over-the-Counter,” and then touch Return to enter the label. Any note can be added as a nickname. This example shows a note saying “With Food:”

I chose not to take a medication. Will my provider see this?

No. You should communicate directly with your provider if you choose not to take a medication.

Can I choose whether or not I need to take a medication with/without food?

On the same screen as your schedule frequency you may indicate that the medication should be taken With Food, Without Food, or Not Applicable.

How do I request a refill?

To request a refill:

  1. From your Home screen, click the Pill icon to display your medications:

  2. Click the '+' Sign. Choose Request Refill.

  3. Select the medication to be refilled and click Next:

    Note that only medications entered by your provider will display in this window.

  4. Verify the medication, then select the pharmacy to which the refill should be sent, then tap Done:

I entered a medication, but it is not listed when I try to refill it. What should I do?

You can refill only those medications that were entered by your provider. If you manually entered a medication into your Medication Cabinet list, you will need to contact your provider to get a refill.


How do I view my past and upcoming appointments?

To view your appointments:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Calendar icon:

    A list of your appointments displays:

  2. From the list of your appointments, tap an appointment to display the details:

How do I add notes to my visit?

To add notes about a visit:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Calendar icon to display your appointments, then tap an appointment to display the details.

  2. Tap the pencil icon to add notes to your visit, then type your notes and tap Done when finished:

Will my provider see the notes I added about a visit?

No; your provider will not see these notes.

You will need to contact the practice if you want to inform your provider of the information that you added in your notes.

How do I set a reminder for an upcoming appointment?

To set a reminder for an upcoming appointment:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Calendar icon to display your appointments, then tap an appointment to display the details.
  2. Tap Reminder to set a reminder for that appointment, and tap Done when you are finished:

What does the Notepad icon mean?

The Notepad icon indicates that you can add notes about your visit.

I added a note on my appointment; can my provider see it?

No; these notes are viewable only on the app.

Can I request appointments from the app? I can create an appointment request on the Patient Portal.

Currently, the appointment request feature is not available on the healow app. It is available on the Portal when your practice has activated the feature.

How can I view my visit summary?

To view your visit summary:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Calendar icon to display your appointments, then tap an appointment to display the details.
  2. Tap Visit Summary to view your visit summary:

Is the visit summary for my past appointment the same one I see on the Patient Portal?

Yes; it links to the visit summary on the Portal.
To view your visit summary:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Calendar icon to display your appointments, then tap a past appointment to display the details.
  2. Tap Visit Summary to view your visit summary.


How can I view my lab results?

To view your lab results:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Beaker icon to display your results screen:

  2. Tap the By Test tab to view your labs by test OR Tap the By Date tab to view your labs by their order date:

  3. Tap any of the labs to view its results. The value of each attribute will display on the right. If no value displays, contact your practice to get the complete result. Note: The blue arrow in each result panel is only a pointer from the attribute to its value. It is not a link:

  4. Tap the Notes bar at the bottom of the Results screen to see if your provider has entered any Notes about these results:

  5. Tap the notes bar at the top of the screen to return to your lab results window.

I just had a CBC done, but I cannot see the lab on my app. What should I do?

Check your Patient Portal to see if the lab appears there. If it does not, then the lab has not been published by the practice. Contact your provider to get the results published to your Portal and thus, published to your App.

What does the paper icon the right of the lab result name indicate?

The paper icon indicates that the doctor has written notes on this lab that you can read.

  My Chart

What is My Chart?

My Chart gives you a summary of your medical record from your Provider. Using My Chart, you can view your profile, vitals, allergies, insurance information, problem list, and medications. If, after reviewing your chart, you feel any changes need to be made to it, direct these concerns to your provider, as it is your provider’s responsibility to update your medical record.

How can I access My Chart?

To access My Chart:

  1. From your Home screen, tap the Clipboard icon to display My Chart:

  2. Use the icons along the bottom of the My Records screen to jump to each section of My Chart. The first displays your profile:

  3. Tap the Vitals icon to view your most recent vitals. If any vital was not taken at your last visit, this item will be blank:

  4. Tap the Insurance icon to display your health plan, policy number, primary care physician, and that physician’s phone number:

  5. Tap the Allergies icon to display your allergies as entered by your provider:

  6. Tap the More icon to display your Problems and Medications:

  7. The Problems icon displays your chronic diagnoses as entered by your provider:

  8. The Medications icon displays your Medication list as entered by your provider. This medication list does not include medications you entered into your My Cabinet List.

I added new medications, but they do not display in My Chart section. What should I do?

The My Chart section shows you a list of medications as provided by the provider. The My Chart section will not show you any medications that you manually entered. Go to your Medications Cabinet to see a combined list of your manually entered medications and the provider’s Medication list.

How can I add my height and weight?

At this time, you do not have the ability to edit your height and weight within the healow application. Contact your practice to add your height and weight to your electronic medical record.

How can I add my allergies?

At this time, you do not have the ability to edit your allergies within the healow application. Contact your practice to add your allergies to your electronic medical record.

What are the unit-of-measure options for adding height in healow?

Currently, you can view your height only in inches in the healow application.

  General Practice Questions

What does the healow app do?

The healow app is intended to improve patient engagement by enhancing communications between patients and their health provider, along with streamlining access to medical records. healow will directly connect patients to all of their own and their family’s EHRs, enabling immediate access to personal medical records, and facilitating two-way communications between providers and patients.

What are some of healow’s main features?

In addition to connecting patients directly to their electronic health records, healow enables patients to manage their medical records/summary and those of family members, send messages to their provider, manage medications, and view lab results.

Are there any functions in the app that can't be performed by accessing the Patient Portal via laptop, tablet, or desktop?

The healow app enables consumers to access information in the manner they prefer, via computer or through the app, so many of the features are similar to the Portal. However, the app offers some additional functions.

Consumers can manage multiple medical records and those of family members through a single login. This is especially useful for parents who manage their children’s’ records in addition to their own. Additionally, users of the app can add personal notes regarding their recent visit or upcoming appointment. Furthermore, they can add over-the-counter medications to the medication list provided by the practice and set reminders to take their medications.

Are there any functions the app cannot perform that can be done by assessing the Portal via laptop, tablet, or desktop?

Patients can pay their balances and update their demographics solely through the Patient Portal.



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